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Carriage Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
DO NOT MOVE HERE. Would not recommend this place to anyone. For the following reasons: 1.) These are far from luxury apts. Maybe in 1980, but not now. All the appliances are outdated, and problematic. They paint the place with cheap paint, which after a few months cracks from the settling, and chips all off of the heating vents. I have to vaccum paint chips from a RUSTED OUT vent daily. 2.) Insulation sucks too. The windows are poorly insulated, so you feel cold air all the time in the winter. If you don't winterize your windows, your heating bill will extremly high. ours last winter was btwn 200 and 300 dollars a month. The ------ that designed this place put the heating/cooling vents on the ceiling, and in front of the windows. So you can't heat up the place for ---- either. 3.) The bathrooms are poorly venilated. Everytime you take a shower the cheap paint on the walls start to bleed from the steam. So you have lines of drip paint going down your walls that get covered with lint. Also the ceiling gets yellow-brown spots all over it from the constant moisture of the cheap paint. 4.) Parking is a joke here. Tenants get parking stickers to put in the windows, and the place is ASSIGNED PARKING, or it claims to be. Numerous times I've had some ------- park in my carport because they are to incompitant to read "RESERVED" posted right in front of them. When the property manager was addressed the problem. She told me that I HAVE to leave a note on the car. She NEVER does anything about it. 5.) If you have kids dont move here. There is no playground for them. Unless you count the sandbox that is hidden behind trees only a few FEET from the road, that the stray cats/critters use as a literbox. The kids that do live here are unsupervised when they play, and will run/ride their bikes out into the road in front of a car because they don't pay attention or care. 6.) The landscaping is crap. They are re-doing the trim and roofing around the complex, but it still looks like crap. The landscaping around the buildings if you have it, because only the outer buildings on the complex have landscaping around the buliding. The shrubs if and when they are cut are too tall for the windows which could pose a safety issue. Most of them are dead and need to be pulled out, the grass is either dead or doesn't get cut enough. 7.) BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!!!!!!! I am a very clean person, and I keep my apt. very clean, but I still get bugs. Rolly-Pollies, Silverfish, Centipedes, Roaches, Spiders I have complained to the property manager, and she tells me that i need to keep food of the floor. I told her that my apt. is clean, cleanier then her office, but she doesn't wanna do anything. The lady is full of excuses, and acts like its so hard for her to get ---- done. 8.) The washer/dryer room. The washer and dryer units you have to pay for. The amount has increased for crappy units that ruin your clothes and dont dry for crap. I suggest going to a laundromat, at least you'd get you monies worth. I have wasted money for too long at this place, and plan to move out A.S.A.P
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Carriage Cove Apartments

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