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Fairway Club Apartments



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SlumLordKillah • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/09/2006
THE BAD POINTS:<br><br>TOO EXPENSIVE NOW. The "new" manager is using "IKEA" as an excuse to raise the rent. She offers a "$100 IKEA gift card" if you want to renew...it's obvious she's on the "IKEA" bandwagon. Pathetic. The new manager also likes post threatening notes on the walls in the main entrances. Not something you like to see when you get your mail after a hard days work. Actions speak louder than words and she's louder in her words than in actions...<br><br>I lived here with my girlfriend for 2 1/2 years. When we first moved in there was a problem with the sliding glass door and the damn towel rack constantly coming loose off the wall. The winter months brang a pleasant suprise with ICE! on the carpet and in the summer months,spiders and mice. We put a workorder in for the drafts in the winter and the maintenace ended up stapling! some clear tarp! over the window which didn't do a damn but flap in the breeze. The "Dynamic Duo" maintenance crew work like clueless wonders. Caulk is there best friend and they love to explain away the problem and blame the manager for lack of spending instead of FIXING the problem right. Took them a half hour ( I timed them)to put a new sceen in the window. NEED NEW windows at this place. Half the time you can't even open them because they swell shut in the direct sunlight. Make sure to take your arthritis medicine before trying to open these 70's era windows Seniors!<br> The lighting is VERY poor in the lots especially in the winter months. Watch your step! and your surroundings or you may be calling Lee free. Ice is a BIG problem on the sidewalks. They will simply tell YOU to do the salting in their monthly "newletter". Sorry but for $685 a month, people shouldn't have to salt the walks. At least give us a discount if we have to do that. They do have a grounds crew but most of the time's they were not around in the early mornings for the early workers. Seen them sleeping in their truck a few mornings while it was snowing like crazy. Bring your scraper and shovel day shifters.<br> Numerous vehicle vandalisms and thefts which the management likes to keep hush hush. Lead-footed drivers like to speed through the lots and down Lotz Road also. Watch out for your kids,parents! NO secured entrance here. My vehicle was broken into and the Canton Police stated that this place has ongoing "problems". Get a good car alarm or anti-theft system or set some nice bear traps in your car. No security cameras or locks on the outer doors which the management promised 2 years ago. Anyone can come inside the hallways and hang out. SOLICITORS like to say "Hi! we are selling newspapers or cookies for...." first thing in the morning with some pounding of your door. The management is nice but don't have any ideas or gather suggestions from the tenants regarding any upgrades for safety/security. They spent thousands of dollars on a new iron fence around the pool. Guess they think that will bring more people. Wow a new fence. Who cares in the dead of winter when there's 2 inches of ice outside the door and the overhead light doen't work and i fall on my ---! What a way to start the day. The times we went to the pool in the summer,it was like a childrens playfest and drinking/cards/ smoking lounge for the "adults". I thought there was no smoking in the pool area. Other forms of smoke are smoked too which linger up through the vents in the apartment. <br> WAY too many foreign kids around here. The parents let them run rampant. Bring some extra strength aspirin midnight shifters. The laundry building is a joke. Too many people leave their clothes in the machines. Dirty floors and a pop machine that has pop so old you'll forget what day<br>day it is.<br>NO change machines. Noone repects the area and leave empty detergent bottles and lint EVERYWHERE. More than a few times have i noticed clothes in them for more than 2 days. The foreigners like to wash their dirty rugs! and oil/gas stained clothes in them when they're not eye-ing your clothes ...watch out for the clothes/laundry basket thieves!! Woman count your underwear before you do the wash. My girlfriend had more than a few missing after doing the wash. Maybe the foreigners bring them back home to mama and papa for their store down in Deetroit. If you like bubblegum,you can even pick your favorite flavor with the many kinds left in the dryers.<br> Beware of the bugs. Invest in some Raid. A few mice and racoons which like to hang out in the area also. Be on the lookout when throwing the trash in the dumpsters early in the morning. **Also,noticed the management here is trying to use the "creek" as a selling point. TRUST ME it's nothing special. It's a damn creek. And by the way notice it DOES NOT HAVE A FENCE back there. Those are just some fancy pictures. Bums/vagrants like to hang out under the bridge on Lotz according to the Shell gas station attendant on the corner down the street. There is a very unsafe feeling around here.<br><br>GOOD POINTS: <br>Central air system works great. No problems with the power. Free heat is a plus. Golf? Never golfed while we were here. Free water. Get a water filter though unless you like a taste of chlorine in your drink. Overall nice management and timely maintenance crew if you like your stuff rigged with the greatest of rigging. <br><br>**Also keep an eye on your "stuff" guys. Had some of my magazines and pain medications (neck spasms from a sprain) come up missing after the scheduled maintence visit. Invest in a security camera or leave your webcam on when they schedule a maintenance visit.<br>I know now the maintenance crew like to work with only one hand while the other is looking through your belongings or is up their rear-end looking for a clue. <br>***Watch out for deer crossing Lotz.
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