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40530 Tamarack Drive, Canton, MI 48188
40530 Tamarack Drive, Canton, MI 48188

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Fairway Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended

Reviewed 01/31/2007

Not what we it used to be...we all miss Paula!! The new manager does not seem to care about the place at all. She especially does not want to do ANYTHING or give an inch to make your apartment look any better. She is also letting anyone - I mean the rift-raft people in and they are making this a terrible / frustrating place to live. Noise is a problem and oh my goodness, why have windows/doorwalls when you can hear eveything outside through them. And the rent just keeps going up and up. Oh and the BUGS that come into your apt EVERY Summer - I mean hundreds - I literally keep a shop vac next to my door wall and and about 3x/day I have to suck the bugs up...it's disguisting.And one more thing - the kids play - SCREAM and skateboard ALL DAY LONG outside in the middle of the road and if you try to drive - uhm on the ROAD where you are supposed to - they yell and you and them walk around your car like they are going to do something...Something REALLY needs to be done to get these kids OUT OF THE ROAD...COme on - use the play area - obviously their parents are never home, so the management needs to enfore something.
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Fairway Club Apartments

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