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The Crossings at Canton



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Hitokiri • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
I moved into this complex because of the price and nice floor plans. After being here I can't wait to move somewhere cleaner and a little quieter. The day I moved in I thought it was a nice place but after being here for two years I can't take it anymore. They paint everything, and I mean everything, walls, doors, molding, bricks, and even counter tops! Everthing has at least ten coats of paint on it! All of the counter space (which isn't alot) is covered in paint which melts, stains, and chips away easily. There are paint drips down the walls and all over the mirrors and tiles in the bathroom. The carpet here is so rough and itchy that you can't lie down without a shirt on. They use outdoor caulk in the bathtub which just holds moisture and turns into mold and falls apart. My ceiling makes loud cracking noises whenever my neighbors walk around or even turn over in their beds at night. The hallways are filthy, they have nasty carpets, smell like animal excrement, and the main door to get in is always broken. Most people here dont care about the other tenants; they slam doors at all hours, hold loud conversations in the hallway in front of my apartment, and yell at one another down the hallways. From outside it looks like the buildings are going to collapse. There are hundreds of dead trees everywhere that makes this place look dead. One day half of a tree fell right in front of my apartment onto the sidewalk. Had anyone been walking there they surly would have been killed. The apartments on the bottom floor, which is what I have, flood whenever it rains hard. The basement is always flooded, always. This is where everyone stores their belongings then ends up throwing them out once they get soaked. There are only two washers and driers in the building for 16 units which put holes in towels, shirts, and anything else that isnt jean material. The fitness room is just a small room with a couple of machines in them. The universal machine is always busted and no one ever fixes it. In the summer the fitness room is seriously about 95 degrees. The pool is always filled with kids and no parents around to watch them. The parking lot is a big joke. You only get one spot to park, everyone else has to walk 100 yards to get to my apartment. I know girls especially get scared at night because there is no lighting outside and it is creepy. There are kids all over the roads riding bikes, when I say kids I mean 4-8 year olds without parents! They dont enforce any rules around here unless it somehow benefits them. Its not uncommon to see police driving around and parked in the parking lots. People have had cars broken into and motorcycles stolen plenty of times. Oh, one more thing, there is nothing like coming home and seeing garbage bags in front of your building because people are too lazy to throw them out. There are also beer bottles all over.
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The Crossings at Canton

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