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The Crossings at Canton



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2005
Several people that were prior leasing agents and/or employees for the Crossings at Canton which is owned by Dolben Agents, Inc. were lied to, deceived and were made promises that were not kept. "D" is the property manager there and "A" is the assistant property manager. (If you would like the full name, please call the Crossings office @ 734-455-2424 and just ask the operator for the full name) Both lied to us and betrayed us in many ways. <br><br>I was told that I would receive a $50.00 commission for every accepted lease I got for the company and I DID NOT RECEIVE ONE PENNY! They owe me a sum of $1250.00 and will not give me what is rightfully mine! This has happened to lots of other previous employees of the company. If you are a current resident of the Crossings I am sure the question has arose in your mind as to why there is such a HUGE turnover in leasing agents. There's your answer! <br><br>Personally, I would not live on that property for several reasons.<br><br>1.) When I worked there a resident called to let us know that her air conditioning was not working. The reply by the mantinence staff was Quote: "She will be fine, it can wait till' tomorrow or the following day." <br><br>2.) It is difficult when you are showing an apartment or townhome and your prospective residents ask why the ceiling looks like it's about to break through because of water damage. What are you suppose to say? Well, you can't say much because you have the fear of termination in your mind. <br><br>3.) The apartments and townhomes are not safe at all, water damage is present, they are 40 years old and they are only kept up when somthing terrible happens. Most of the apartments smell like "wet dog" when you show them, etc. <br><br>OSHA HAS BEEN CALLED AND WILL FOLLOW UP WITH THE CROSSINGS AT THEIR CONVENIENCE. <br><br>A CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE WILL SOON BE IN EFFECT. PREVIOUS EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY THAT WERE FIRED HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY A PRIVATE ATTORNEY IN REGARDS TO THE RIGHTS TO LEGAL ACTION AND CLASS REPRESENTATION. <br><br>OSHA, SBA, THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUM LOCAL TELEVISION AND NEWS BROADCASTING COMPANIES, NEWSPAPERS AND RENT.COM HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THESE CONDITIONS.<br><br>A STORY HAS BEEN PLANNED BY CHANNEL 7, CHANNEL 14 AND 20/20. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL CABLE LISTINGS FOR TIMES AND DATES OF THE AIRING.<br>
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The Crossings at Canton

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