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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/01/2013
Village Green Of Canton is a Joke!!! Stay Away from here. We moved in January of 2013 at first everything seemed fine, then it all stared. Washer and dryer make so much noise that its hard to sit in the room and watch tv at the same time. We contacted the office and was told that a tech would be out the next morning.....It took the tech a week to make it across the street to our building... after three tries the washer and dryer are somewhat within noise level.. Summer time was the worse!!! Our "CentralAir" was not cooling our unit... Took the tech 2weeks to come out to take a look at it... He was here for only 5mins.. His resolution dirty air filter ( hmmmm.. if your car isn't cooling do you think its the air filter? ) the AC unit is well over 10yrs old but the tech knew for sure it was the filter!!! Never got that fixed or replaced due to management stating there are other tents who need there AC serviced and techs are all tied up with the heavy workload.. If you head on over to youtube and see the video i have posted of the so called "busy techs" doing donuts in there Golf carts!!!! Very busy i guess!!! The Deck is rotten has mold growing on it. If you walk bare foot on the deck you are bound to get splinters...Thats how bad it is.. The so called "Gated Entry" hasn't worked since Feb of this year.. Called to get a update but was told they don't have a timeframe. But they sure have time every Thursday for Happy Hour!!! If you choose to live in the upper level like i did make sure you get it written in writing that they will clean your chimney!!! i was promised that 2x a year they will clean the chimney...Not once have they showen up ( Guess it'll be a Lawsuit due to lack maintenance). Now lets move on to the management... What management? They have a new manager every 2months... Its a shame to even invite friends and family over.. The property is not maintained at all... We pay well over $1000 for rent and this is what we get: Out dated furnace outdated stove outdated dish washer outdated washer and dryer rotten deck dirty smelly hallways secured entry into the complex which is unsecured Lack of management follow up Lack of well trained Techs oh and headaches are totally included with your rent. Do me a favor dont make the same mistake i did.. you can find a much better place to live then here. Im just waiting for my lease to be over so i can get out of this shi**y place...
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