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Resident 2011 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2014
I have been a rtenant at VG Canton for going on 3 years so I feel that I have a good grasp on the overall experience here. I'll start by saying that I am a single female in my late 20's, and the most important thing to me is safety. The second most important, considering I am a nurse who works midnights, is quiet. I can honestly say that VG has both. My apartment faces the woods near the clubhouse and it is rather peaceful even during the day. A few more pros and cons: Pros -Staff - there have been 3 managers during my time here, however each of them have been fine. The rest of the employees haven't changed much including the service team. The current service supervisor (I believe his name is Dan) has called me personally regarding maintenance requests. Staff is overall pretty good. -Noise/Neighbors - like I mentioned above, its pretty quiet. I don't hear my neighbors and there don't appear to be many kids throwing parties (I think the price of Canton helps drive that out aynyway). -Electric/Gas - bills seem normal compared to what I've paid for other apartments. Roughly $75-$150 per month total between gas/electric. You also pay water, that bill is about $25 per month. -Clubhouse - looks like it was updated recently, at least the fitness center. Has 2 treadmills, some free weights, and the pool is right next door. This place is lively during the summer especially at night. Cons -Parking - if you come home late at night, you probably will be parking away from your apartment. Luckily I come as everyone else leaves for work so I normally find a good spot. -Windows - seem to be pretty drafty when it gets really cold. They could probably all be replaced soon but I don't see a difference in my DTE bill so its a wash. -Appliances - mine have been fine over the last 2 years but my stove broke about a year ago. It took about a week to get a new one. I do have a washer/dryer (stacked style) which is small and takes a few loads to get everything done. No issues iwth it though. -Pets - this is a small con, but some neighbors don't pick up after their pets. The pet waste trash cans run out of bags frequently, I tihnk management could help by keeping those stocked. Overall, I can say that I am happy with my apartment and the complex in general. I have referred a few friends from the hospital here and they seem to agree. Prices are on the higher end for this area but I refuse to pay $900 before utilities for a one bedroom like some other places in Canton and Plymouth.
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