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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2014
If you like a/c in summer, you might not want to rent at Village Green. They (admit, once you are signed to a lease) that the a/c is not up to the task of taking the temperature down more than 10 degrees less than what it is outside. Which means if it is 93 outside, it will be 83 (or more) in your apartment, even with your a/c running non-stop (and you paying for it - big time). Often this goes on all night and if there is a night that is forecast to be cooler, we will turn the a/c as far down as possible and just deal with the (very high) dte bill. If you are rarely home, or are immune to heat, this would not bother you, I guess. It does to us. What else? A far degree of people here have left due to sub-par management (they tend to either get rid of the good people or they end up quitting, I don't know) and staff. It's sad. We see good people coming in to rent (and being fooled by staff who will do anything to get a signature and get the money associated with signing a new person (research Village Green staff is all I'm going to say here). There are structure issues (in my apartment) that have not been addressed (though they are known to management and staff), and I can only guess have not been caught by my neighbors because they are rarely home. Oh, the grounds. You'll pay for the sprinkler system (but your own small lawn likely will not get watered, unless you are near the front and they are - showing you off to prospective renters), and you will pay (a lot) for the pool (but they both will be bundled in your water bill), no matter what, for both of these. They will rarely let you see your actual apartment, but only a model which will not look like your apartment when you get it, at all, but do your research (and do it really well) is all I'll say. There are many worse apartments, but at this price? They can do better than this and they know it. We were told not to post anything (or even dare say anything negative against Village Green, not unlike ---- Germans used to tell people, I'm guessing from what I've read in history), by people who work here (but for us, it's not as if stuff could get done any slower than - not done at all, so that threat doesn't really work, anymore, at this point). But it doesn't matter. The result is the same - not much gets done, and if it does it gets done slowly (like glacier like slowly - more than half of your lease slowly, in our case). They re-did the concrete outside recently, yet they let the insides of the apartments virtually rot away with 1970's (and before) appliances and fixtures. This isn't even a complaint, just an observation. Just letting other people know. Like we were told/warned not to do (and it felt like a threat then, as it does now) by management at Village Green.
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