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Resident 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 06/21/2016
I was forced into finding a place right off the bat due to the long drive to and from school and this was the closest I was able to get without breaking myself. From the original process of getting my application submitted to actually moving in, everything was all smooth sailing. I had no issues whatsoever until about 2 months in, my toilet had broken. I sent an email and got no response. Because this was the secondary bathroom, I had thought nothing of it until I had a few guests. Around the time I was about to submit another fix email, a maintenance man just unlocked my door, said I should have gotten notice they needed to enter for a repair, saying my toilet in my main bathroom was leaking into the floor below. I had gotten no form of prior notice of required entry before this. He replaces the wax ring and moves on. About a week after this, he just comes right in again, saying that didn't fix it. He ended up tearing the drywall from behind my toilet saying there was a leak in the main water line to my bathroom. They needed to call a plumber. I had to leave for class so when I gave them the ok to come in that day while I was away, they came in and fixed the pipe. The very next day he, once again, just comes right in and starts working around 10am. Now bear in mind, I am in class from mid afternoon to almost midnight, and work part time at night. Day 2, after the fix, once again, his back about the same time and wakes me up to do nothing more than put in a piece of drywall and spackle. Now to this day, being over a week later, after he left a tag on my door saying he would be back the Monday following, the previous Thursday to sand and paint. it is now a week and a half later and I still have yet to have my bathroom back to usable condition. Changing topic, my air conditioner can not even remotely support adequate cooling. Like another review I had read saying with their AC on consistently, it only gets to 10 less than Outside air temp. that is spot on. I always have someone parking in the carport I pay for monthly. They have a third party, AUM, covering gas charges for what they told me was my hot water heater. I already pay for gas directly from DTE so why should I have another gas bill from a third party? Overall, they aren't bad facilities, but the lack of respect for tenants, and lack of leadership really has me turning my head and considering breaking my lease early. EDIT1: Ashley from Village Green has gotten a hold of me to try and alleviate all of my concerns. There is now a maintenance team coming to look at any issues that may concern the efficiency of my air conditioning as well as the completion of my bathroom. I have adjusted my star ratings accordingly to better reflect my overall opinion. I will update later on with any changes. EDIT2: It is 11:15a.m. and the maintenance guy, I believe his name was Chuck, was here for about an hour and a half. He check for obstructions in my condenser is well as checked pressures in my lines for refrigerant. The wall behind the master bathroom toilet is sanded and painted and he also offered to clean my slow drain for me. all in all, I am very satisfied with the swiftness and quality of service as well as the polite, respectful nature of chuck and both main office staff, Ashley and Vanessa (Sorry if spelling is wrong)
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