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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
I'm not sure why they hired leasing agents who believe theyre Gods gift to renters.<br><br>I walk in, and they have this pretty rental office, and a place that I can rent for 2 arms and a leg, for events.<br><br>I also like that they have that security bar thing when you first enter, so it's ID based or sign-in based to gain entry-- but it doesn't even work, and STILL doesn't work.<br><br>Taht did not dissuade me. So I go talk to the guy in tehre, and he's all earnest and trying to be confident, and instead he talks about the place like it's incredible beyond all reasoning.<br><br>I go look at it, and it's NO BIG DEAL. They have a security system, and my front door could've been in teh back of the building, BEHIND the building, so I have to walk down this dark path, but what is the big deal over here???<br><br>EVERY Village Green location Ive been to in different cities all have this overly pushy, we are the best and youre stupid if you dont move in feeling.<br><br>Glad I didn't move in.<br><br>Found a better deal and more space at Crossings.<br><br>Yeah, I know that its totally different than Village Green, but I like it. Adn save money. And am safe and no probs...without pushy people.
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