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Windsor Woods Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/08/2006
Lets start at the Pre-move in periode.<br><br>I called the office once a day, for a week, everytime, leaving a message. Finally, I took a day off of work, and Waited outside the office untill someone showed up. Now, the office hours says 9am - 5pm. More like, when ever we feel liek being here. "manager" showed up a little after 10, and said that she was busy cleaning other units (which i found out is ALWAYS here exscuse... funny thing is, no one has moved in here, and since ive been here, i have yet to see people move out). I asked why my calls werent returned, and was told that she never got any messages. I filled out the application, gave them my $25, and was on my way. I was told i would be givin a call when my app was cleared, which i was told would only take a day. 4 days later, i had to call. After 3 calls during the same day, i finaly got an answer. A date was set to sign the lease and pick up the keys. I showed up on the day and time i was told, and no one was there. I waited outside for a good thirty minutes. When she finaly showed, she looked at me liek she had never seen me before. When i told her why i was there, i was still being clared at with the same blank confused look. After some time, she had me sign everything, and gave me a key ring, with 7 keys on it, which she said she wasnt sure which keys were which. Only three keys were usefull. One for the front door, one for the mail box, and one for the door handle. No lock for my dead bolt. It took over two weeks to get a new deadbolt.<br><br>Now for the inside. The carpet looks like it was done by a child, with large gaps between walls and carpet. The "floor trim" which is the cheap plastic stuff you see in office buildings, is peepling away fromt he walls. The front door looks like it was kicked in, and is splittered and broke. The carpet is stained in every room. The fridge has rust stains all over the inside bottom, and has broken shelves. The storage closets have cheap metals shelves, all of which are bent badly and broken. The Dishwasher is falling apart, litteraly. The shevles are so rusted, everytime i run a load, i find a broken peice of the rack on the bottom of the dishwasher. I also noticed that my dishes are splattered with rust. I have been fighting with maintenance as well as management ever since i moved in, and get the same response, "its on order, and should be here in a few days".<br><br>I have complained many times about the tenants in the unit behind me. Living in this building is more like living in a frat house than an apartment building. They are loud, and can hear everything through the walls. Management and Maintenance have done nothing to these tenants. <br><br>The laundry room is un-useable. The trouble-tenants use it as their dumpster, so there is an overwhelming smell of rotten garbage. Even if it were useable, you have to use tokens to make the machines work, which :: suprise suprise:: you have to get from the office.<br><br>As far as the proffesionalism of the two who run this place, well... there is none. I feel like im talking to two 13 y/o kids when dealing with them, and, on multiple occasions, have seen one of them smoking pot at the pool. Hows that for preffesionalism. Whats funny, is you have to sign a peice of paper stating that if any drug use is reported by any tenants, or if you a caught by the police, wheather it be use, possesion, or distribution, you will be evicted immideatly (which the manager says they do not stand for any drug use at all)<br><br>As for the Management company, Ivanhoe Managerment... They are the worst people to deal with. Everyone is very rude, and cares nothing of your complaints.<br><br>Flat out, do NOT move here.
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Windsor Woods Apartments

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