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Windsor Woods Apartments



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example_happyrenter001 • Prospective Resident 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 07/10/2008
After speaking with management, it's apparent that tenants are happy here. I'm excited to live here, and my expectations are high. After researching many apartment locations in Canton, I've come to realize that this place is obviously the best fit for me. My party days are over, and I don't want want this type of thing to interfere with my living standards. As for the reveiws you may be reading about Windsor Woods, they're are lacking. They are lacking because there aren't that many units. 149 units total. This means that, this should be more like a small community, as opposed to a complex with 600 units. This in turn, means that things will get taken care of quickly. And management will know you by face/name instead of $$. I have driven through the complex at night, and during the day. I feel comfortable with my future here. I can see myself living here through college. By rough estimate, you'll pay $100/month more than the "other" apartments in Canton. This seems well worth the extra money. It seems that management are good problem-solvers. I'm sure there will be issues that need to be addressed, and I have confidence that they will handle them. In the end, the less problems I have to deal with, means less time I have to deal with [email protected]#$%. Here's a list of what you can expect: Transferable cable/comcast/wow Free water, gas and elec. are your cost Updated appliances Clean/new carpet Locked outer door Car port 10 inch cement seperation on floor levels New locks/keys, as opposed to re-used/relocated These are a few that I can remember from the "interveiw." When I move in, I will post an updated version of this reveiw.
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Windsor Woods Apartments

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