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Bavarian Village on the Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2013
My husband and i moved in here in march and we are dying to for our lease to be in march so we can move out! The space was not adequately cleaned when we moved in, the bathroom and kitchen are slowly falling apart (handles coming off, rust spots getting worse and worse) and the water!!!! Ahhhh! I used to live in a home that had "hard water" but this is on another level! Our dishes never get clean, my hair is severely dried out and the natural color is changing, and all of our house plants died when we used the water. Dishwasher is unusable. We had a neighbor a few doors down with a large dog that was let out without a lease and would try and attack my dog and I. My car has been broken into, and maintenance is slow to respond and when they do, they charge just enough for it to be your problem (just under $75) because anything over that the owners have to pay for. Not to mention the strong sulfer smell we have outside of our back door. I would say stay away from the place! Especially is Bloomfield Properties is the listing agent. Worst company we have ever went through. They knew nothing about property, and were very rude when we called with questions. Stay away! And yes, we looked into a water softner. Our neighbor got one and said it was a waste of money:(
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Bavarian Village on the Lake

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