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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
I recently moved out of this complex after living there for 2 years. I completely agree with the other negative reviews. The walls are so thin you literally can hear when your upstairs neighbors are using the bathroom. The appliances are ancient and breakdown all the time only to be fixed never replaced. Our rent seemed to escalate every time we resigned the lease and by the time we moved out it was almost 200 dollars more than we had originally signed on for. The apartments are small and not worth the money. And yes the management changed over so many times, every time I went in there, there would be new staff who didn't know what was going on. But I could look past all of this until I moved out and had a horrible experience. We recieved a bill to have our carpets replaced because of damage caused by our pet. I did not dispute that as they did need to be replaced although I'm not sure the carpet they use in the apartment was worth over 600 dollars to replace! I did have questions as to why the 200 dollar pet fee that I paid when we moved in did not apply to the carpets. When I went to ask, the staff was new as usual and did not have answers for me. They told me they would call me and to not pay the fee until they had contacted me. I went to that office 4 times looking for an answer until I recieved the same bill from a collections agency because I had not paid yet. They sent my bill to a collector before anyone even contacted me. They did nothing to rectify the situation and only explained to me that paying the 200 dollars was a fee for the "privelage" of having a pet and would not apply to damage the pets cause. Bottom line, find somewhere else to live. The rent is expensive for what you get and you will pay a rediculous amount of money to have a pet there and if your pet causes damage you still have to pay to have it fixed.
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