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28 West State Street, Coldwater, MI 49036
28 West State Street, Coldwater, MI 49036

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Loomis Estates



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/11/2012
Loomis was very good choice from the first sight. But after some time I could clearly identify all pros and cons. In general, the apartments are very old and appliances with furniture require complete renovation. Pros: Plenty parking space, more or less normal community, quick maintenance (at Mike s time). Cons: The horrible car washing right in front of my building. In summer time it just ridiculous: people wash their cars at 2-3 AM. Car-vacuum beeping makes you thinking you are experiencing a clinical death and you are reanimated by paramedics (it pulses like heartbeat indicator in a hospital). The dryer is like a small tornado. Only deaf people can live there. In fact, this is with closed windows. When you open a window it feels like every time YOU are inside of each car being washed. Laundry near the first building is a chemical factory. The days the wind blows towards your windows, you will be virtually in chemical lab. The mix of all laundry supplements penetrates in your home and gets right into your brain. At a time of moving out I felt a bit of drug-addicted to the laundry smell. It is extremely dangerous for your health! So be very diligent about it. Third floor is the real infernal oven at summer time. You will feel like you live in a can of tomato soup forgotten in the vehicle. Air conditioner was probably made before World War II so I would say it made only noise and heat. As you understand now, you can t open the windows because you ll get intoxicated by laundry and deafen by car washing. It becomes a viscous cycle. Good thing bought a portable air conditioner ($500) and so I could survive before my lease ended. If you live on third floor beware of shared laundry mat in laundry room. People tend to do laundry at night. Paper thin walls make you feel like the laundry happens in your room. In fact, the machine is very old and noisy. Neighbors are like a lottery. We had partying kids just for a short period. But one thing should be noted: management normally tries to avoid opened conflicts. So they recommend you calling police. I know that police officers don t really like such type of calls. So you imagine that normally it never ends up with a charge. Taking into account everything I should say that apartments are much overpriced. The problem is that not many apartments exist in Coldwater at all.
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Loomis Estates

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