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York Creek Apartments

650 York Creek Drive

Comstock Park, MI 49321



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
It's interesting to read over these reviews and find such a difference of opinion. First of all, I was a resident of York Creek apartments for just over 3 years (2003-2006) vacating in September to relocate across state. Prior to that, I lived at York Creek for 2 years (2000-2002) in a different apartment. I am a single, white female with a daughter who chose my home very carefully. I looked around at probably every community on the northside of Grand Rapids and settled at York Creek. It is a very large community with a very diverse group of people. Well, for the individuals that struggle with that, we do live in the second largest city in the state of Michigan and that is what happens in large cities. I am amazed at the personal attacks on people of other races - shows a display of ignorance. Anyway that is another story that has nothing to do with an apartment community and the housing / service that they provide. The office staff was friendly from the first day I set foot on the property. I was shown a few apartments and found the perfect one for me and my daughter. The community is pleasing to look at, and yes there are people who don't care about their home - however the grounds keeper was always out picking up the trash left behind by other disrespectful individuals. My apartment was a great price for the space and with the garage included. Someone mentioned their garge getting broken into, and it's obvious they don't read their lease or listen to the agents. I was told when I moved in that it was not to be used as storage and it was clearly written in my lease as well. I read that, because adults read things thoroughly prior to signing them. It is obvious that some of the individuals that have voiced their opinions on this page are younger individuals who don't sound very responsible or poised. I had to adjust from living in a house to an apartment and having neighbors so close. I heard a few things upstairs, but do you know why that is? Because someone lives up there! It was never an issue that escalated into anything significant, and if it had gone that way, I'm sure it could have been resolved by addressing the issue at hand rather than drawing the conclusion that the whole property is terrible! People are going to be different and have different lifestyles. Living in an apartment community is certainly different than living in a home, but it is what it is. You have someone on 3 walls of you and your may hear them from time to time, as they may hear you. The maintenance staff is great. They addressed all issues in a timely manner. I never had problems with them. I could go on and on, but basically I just wanted to write a review on the place I called home for years. It all goes back to living like our Mom's told us when we were little...treat people and property like you would want to be treated. It's not difficult, it's just something that takes effort. I would choose York Creek again in a heartbeat!
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York Creek Apartments

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