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Setters Point Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I don't know where to begin with this, because our experience was so completely awful. I guess the worst part is that the office staff makes you feel terrible. The rules and regulations on how you need to maintain your apartment are more stringent than a military inspection, which they WILL inspect your apartment, by the way. I should know, my wife and I were in the Army. You'll randomly come home to a note on your door telling you to have the apartment completely cleaned for an inspection. This happened to us once when we were coming home from a two week military training exercise, and literally had just dumped all our stuff into the living room because were exhausted and wanted to rest. We were dinged all over the place for it, and from then on had a target on our backs. Every other inspection since, if there was so much as one of our toddler's toys out, we got dinged, an e-mail, a text message, and treated like we were slobs. I'd like to see their homes. Absolutely nothing works, or will ever work. We had both our washing machine and our fridge replaced four times each--not exaggerating. We lost hundreds of dollars in food. The last time the washer broke, it wasn't fixed for almost a week because they mysteriously fired their maintenance person, and he was the 3rd one in the year we'd lived there!! When he did finally come fix the washer, he told the office that the laundry room "smelled like either a liter box or old diapers". We had just changed the liter box, and we don't keep a trash can in the laundry room for diapers... gee, maybe it was the dirty clothes we couldn't wash for a week? We even got dinged for having a plant we were trying to save and some dirty dishes in the sink: not food, just a few dishes we hadn't gotten to, yet, because the inspections are always at random and happen to be when we've been out, as being in the military we travel often. Also, they don't have to wait for you to be there, they can just waltz in and inspect your stuff if you're aware they were doing an inspection or not. It seems like every other day there's a note on our door from management about SOMETHING. Kids being in areas they shouldn't, people parking their cars where they shouldn't. People smoke right outside their door and it stinks terribly... aren't you supposed to be 50 feet away from a building, or something? One guy legitimately had a commercial ash tray pole like you'd see in a store on his patio, up against the vinyl siding. Working in security, I've seen those things go up in flames before. The lawn care people are the most rude, awful people I've ever met. My wife spent a lot of time on the garden outside our apartment planting flowers, as we were told it was "our space" and part of our patio. One day they came through, without warning, and trimmed all the hedges and put wood chips in. My wife's garden was trashed, with flower heads and ruined plant material strewn all over our patio and sidewalk. And they were gone. That's right, they didn't even bother to blow it clear or finish the job. On top of all of that, the wood chips weren't even spread out, just dumped out in a pile in the corner of the garden. We loved the area, as it was quaint and only about 20 minutes to either Grand Rapids or Muskegon. The smell was what it was--what did anyone expect a city RIGHT NEXT TO A DUMP to smell like? You got over it eventually. The rent couldn't be beat, but it was definitely not worth it. The people who live there are mostly trashy who can't afford anything else, and new families like mine just starting off who liked the area but didn't know what they were getting into renting there. And last but definitely not least, the apartment design is just plain stupid. The entryway has about 3 square feet of space, so getting any sort of furniture in larger than a recliner is a struggle. Getting our couch, a very modest sized one, into the living room was a miracle. Trying to get multiple people through the entryway is like trying to cram a clown car. The laundry room is mysteriously on the 2nd floor, so the dryers don't vent and it makes the entire apartment damp and humid when you use it, and it is unavoidable. We almost never had hot water much hotter than tepid at best. To top it all off, the walls aren't even parallel! We had to tip a bench on its side as a makeshift babygate to keep our kid from climbing up the stairs because a real babygate wouldn't fit flush in the walls--they were literally canted outward, but at such a small angle you wouldn't notice unless you needed something to fit flush. AVOID! You're better off renting a mobile home from the park across the street.
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