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Charter Oaks Apartments

1000 Charter Oaks Drive

Davison, MI 48423



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GayleJohnson • Resident 2017 Recommended
Reviewed 11/27/2017
Since a property cannot respond to a review without subscribing, we are responding to the review that starts out as "Just moved out (thank god!): We are shocked to read that you are actually boasting about trying to intimidate our staff by your boyfriend "exercising his 2nd amendment right"! Most of which you have stated is untrue. Yes, you applied to transfer and prior to the transfer door damage was discovered for which you were required to pay. We erred in not entering the service request and therefore the door was not replaced as promptly as it should have been. Because of that delay, your application for transfer expired (this was not your fault). The manager subsequently waived the new application fee and you were not required to apply again to remain on the wait list. In the meantime, the resident who was scheduled to move out decided to stay. This is their right, and you were notified immediately of this. You wanted to get your $100 deposit back and you were told that it could take up to 2 weeks because the checks were not written from the leasing office, but rather from the corporate office. We said "up to two weeks"! You received it in 10 days, which is in that timeline, so your attempted intimidation through your boyfriend bringing a firearm into the leasing office, although disturbing, had nothing to do with the timeliness of when your check would be received by you. If a resident or anyone was bothering you, or if you were to see something suspicious, we would routinely refer our residents to contact the police, because that is their job! We want to protect the safety of our residents as much as possible, but we can't unless the resident goes through the proper channels for reporting the situation. Furthermore, when you moved out you had a small credit on your account. You received your full deposit back along with the overpayment you had on your account. There was NEVER a dispute about this amount, and you NEVER had to come in to prove there were no damages because you received everything back that was owed to you. We accept responsibility for errors when they are made, but we will not accept falsehoods being posted about our community or our employees.
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Charter Oaks Apartments

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