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8210 Kearsley Creek Drive, Davison, MI 48423
8210 Kearsley Creek Drive, Davison, MI 48423

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Kearsley Creek Townhomes



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Afox90 • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/05/2017
Been here almost a year in September and we will be moving as soon as we can find another place. The new management is so unqualified it makes me sick. She's rude and loses important documents and even tried sending us to court because she lost our rent. Safe to say she later found it. Just the other day she told me she wished people would just put their rent in the lock box on the door as I was turning in my rent and getting a receipt. Who the hell says that???? They lost my extremely detailed inventory move in list. That's my fault for not making a copy because when I went to have the office make a copy for me she asked me to come back because she was busy and what do you know... it's missing. The funny part about that is she tried telling me earlier that missing bulbs in my kitchen weren't on the move in list when SHE DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE LIST. So was she lying about it not being on there or she did she take it out of the folder before my arrival??!!??! Hmmm. Makes you wonder. And my floors on the second floor creak real bad like they're about to cave in. The maintenance here is so idiotic I had to teach them how to do their job. And when they put in a new screen they couldn't even pull the white tape from the window where they literally taped a screen on there that eventually fell down from the weather. Last winter they didn't salt the sidewalks until I called and threatened to sue them if myself or one of my children fell and hurt themselves. This place needs to be brought down. I will make it my mission to get Davison township out here and show them how the management is impacting our lives.
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Kearsley Creek Townhomes

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