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Kearsley Creek Townhomes



Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
I would NEVER recommend these apartments to ANYONE!!!! We had had problems from DAY 1 here but got "trapped". We moved from 11 hours away to a townhouse that was DISGUSTING and when we complained to the manager, Melissa Green, BEFORE attempting to move in she told us she wasn't going to do anything about it, didn't have any other vacant units available (which was a LIE----they just didn't want to fix ANY of them), and that she could "give me my check back". Ok, well I just drove 11 hours and I do not have a Michigan bank and the check is official and made out to Kearsley Creek so I am positive that NO BANK will cash this for me for ANY reason. I have worked in banking for years. So, basically we were trapped from day 1. We have a leaking dishwasher (from day 1), there was roach feces all over the supposedly cleaned townhouse, the toilets clearly had not been cleaned inside or out in YEARS because I had to sit a scrub for almost two hours to get it clean, etc. This place is NASTY. We had to have 5 people come and help us clean our "NEW" townhome. We arrived at 6 p.m. and were cleaning with all 5 of us until 2 a.m. and then had to move all our stuff in before the next morning to return our rental truck....fast forward to now. Yesterday I came home from work at noon expecting to have a nice relaxing weekend. WRONG!!!! Almost our entire bottom floor got flooded. It started in the kitchen. We thought it was the dishwasher that should have been replaced when we moved in so we turned the water off, layed down towels, and called the office. Then we called the emergency maintenance line. The guy said ok I'll give someone a call. Well, my son went outside to take our dog out and came back in and told us he thought the water was coming from the vacant apartment next door so we go out and it sounds like a RIVER in the next unit (I have videos and photos of ALL this damage!!) So, I called the emergency management again to explain that this was a SERIOUS problem and he said someone should be on their way. While I was making the phone calls my boyfriend went down to the manager, Mellisa Green's house to try to get her to come help or do something and she would not answer the door for him. Over an hour later the maintenance "supervisor" (yeah right)got here and went into the vacant unit and at that point realized this was no small leak. He turned the water off and then came out and told us "I have to go to Meijer to buy boots and socks" (His feet were soaked---wore tennis shoes). It took over an hour for him to get back because he had to go to "Tractor Supply because Meijer had no boots." How nice that he had time to go shopping all the while water is steadily flowing in our apartment. We ended up using every blanket and towel that we owned to try to siak up all this water and stop it but it just kept coming. Standing water on top of all these blankets and towels. I went down to Melissa's house as well trying to get her help. Her son answered and said she wasn't there. I asked when was she going to be back because we are flooded on the end. He said she's at another apartment with a leak. I told him ok but he needed to tell her when she got home that she needed to come to my house. I then saw the unit she was in (8283) and went home. About thirty minutes later I saw her leave that unit and go back to her house. I waited for almost an hour and she never came down. Then some other guy finally showed up 4 hours later and the "supervisor" again. Well I saw Melissa get in her vehicle and assumed she was coming here but she drove past us so at that point I threw my hands up to get her attention. She tried everything she could not to look at me or face me while she was talking to the "shop vac guy". She told him to go to the other two units because they were more flooded and "occupied." At this point I told her HOW DID SHE KNOW they were more flooded? She has not even come into my house to see the damage. Her response was that she had to go on which units her guys told her were worse. At that point I told her "No, you need to get out of your car and come inside and see all this damage." She got mad but at least came in. Ultimately she and her supervisor decided that the two other units that were flooded that were "occupied" were worse. My boyfriend told them basically that all this was b.s. and he was tired of being a caged animal here. We've been sitting here for 4 hours and all you have done since you have been here is shut the water off. The maintenance supervisor ultimately told my boyfriend "I don't give a damn" while standing right beside Melissa. She did not do anything about his behavior and just told him to come on. All she said to my boyfriend was "It will be taken care of." There is so much more that happened with this incident that it would truly take too long to type. So, long story short. This started at 12:08 p.m. 3-1-14. We ended up having to stay at our friend's house last night. Our neighbor had our key so he could check on our dog while we were away. He was also there to see what was going on in our home when/if anyone was in there. The water extraction was finished at around 8:15. So that's 8 hours to get any help. Well we found out today that the two "more flooded" units are actually ABANDONED, VACANT units. So this means that you knowingly, purposefully put an occupied unit with a family with a small child out of their home, that they pay for, that did not cause this incident out to clean up two units with NO FAMILY or anyone living in it. They came back in today to extract the water again and didn't even get everywhere that was wet. Now the carpet is getting soaked again. The mat underneath is soaked. They haven't put a dehumidifier in or anything. They are said the carpet won't be replaced so we are supposed to live him and wait for mold to grow. We were told to watch the walls and cabinets for mold because it will have to be replaced. There are no words to really describe how traumatic this has already been and looks like will continue to be. :( DO NOT EVER RENT FROM HERE OR ANYWHERE THAT IS MTH MANAGEMENT. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!
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