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Kearsley Creek Townhomes



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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We have lived here sense Aug. 2013 we have had a few issues.... One of the pipes to the hot water heater broke at 1 am and my fiance called the emergency line 12 times and finally they answered acting very irritated that someone was calling them! He basically told us to shut off the water and he would be there sometime the next day..... Well at 4 am when i got up for work the water had leaked down into my kitchen called the guy again he seemed rather irritated again and said well ill be there in the morning... Finally at 10 am he showed up saying that it took so long because he was waiting for Home Depot to open... We looked it up they open at 6 am. He fixed the water heater and had to cut a hole in my ceiling so that the drywall could dry and he would be back in a few days to fix it, that was 9 MONTHS ago still have a hole in my ceiling. Our heat wouldnt kick one night in the fall so I called and called the emergency number finally the guy answered and said ok ill be out in a little while he showed up at 9 the next morning I have a child that is just unacceptable. Last week the heat wouldnt kick in so AGAIN I called and called finally he answered and said ok well ill see what I can do I just got home... I said NO its -5 outside I have no heat and I have a child you will come now. He called me back an hour later and told ME how to fix it.... Moral of the story dont move here unless you can fix stuff yourself because the maintenance people SUCK! Oh and my neighbors have a dog and it constantly craps and pees in front of my door... Disgusting
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Kearsley Creek Townhomes

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