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Kearsley Creek Townhomes



Resident · 2010 - 2016
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Office Staff
I've lived in Kearsley Creek Townhomes for almost 6 years. Without nitpicking every little detail (their are plenty). Safety is my main and most concern, as I'm sure it would be for anyone who has children. Last month their was a herion overdose, I might add the person died (very heavy traffic in, and out of the unit). Management knew of this and did ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. A pretty big drug bust followed that about 2 weeks after. Davison township were obviously on that one. A week ago a gun was fired from a unit where myself, and other tenants where outside at the time with about 10-15 children playing right near where the bullet entered. This is no joke!! Children's safety has now become a huge problem here. It's just not a safe place to live. We are talking about Davison here people. These are also the same Townhomes where management would not back down on harassing a tenant about a small american flag on her door (it was on all the news stations everywhere). Take notice that management/owner is so messed up they took more concern over a flag being hung than herion on their properties. Talk about --- backwards. Our rent went up $50 six months ago, and rumors have it is going up again. No maintenance is done on these places what so ever. Safety to me is number one. So if you're looking for a safe family place to live Kearsley Creek Townhomes is NOT the place to live.
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Kearsley Creek Townhomes

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