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Rising Estates



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2004
I've been at Rising Estates for almost two years now. Our first apt. here was on the ground level. The day I was moving in, the person above me said they lived down there and it flooded. Our first couple of months there, the living room had a wet spot in the middle of the room. The maintenance guy came and said they would repair it, but never did. A year later, our master bedroom flooded. It was a nightmare! It spread throughout the bedroom, into our second bedroom, and down the hallway. My two complaints with this matter are: a) the problem was never fixed (previous tenant said it was the same when she was flooded out) and b) when we asked for free rent due to the inconvenience, we were denied until we negotiated and agreed to pay the second floor price (otherwise we would pay for that month and get the first floor rate.) <br> <br>My other complaint about the situation would be that my first level was under a very noisy person. Her 4 year old would run and jump all day so hard it shook our walls and hanging light. Multiple complaints led to my landlord fighthing with her, but we flooded before she ever moved. I rated noise as a three because our second apt. is in the same building, but much quieter with no one above us. <br> <br>Also, make sure you find out who will be above you, and make sure you check out a couple apartments. Our lower level apt. had a brand new fridge (which was bigger!), new stove and dishwasher, and new cabinets/cupboards. The one we moved in to in a hurry to escape the water has old, rickety cupboards and an old dishwasher. <br> <br>Lastly, you may have to ask for repairs several times. Our first apt. was never patched when the living room got wet and I was told the crack in the foundation that led to the flood never got fixed as well. The guys are very nice, but never actually follow up on their end. <br> <br>Rent is cheaper that most places in this area, just be wary about the level you choose, who your neighbors are, and follow up on maintainence!
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Rising Estates

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