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Windsor Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/29/2005
I have lived in Wondsor Place for 2 years. After my first year lease was up, they moved me to another building because I had a huge problem with Boxelder bugs, they were everywhere. So...in my new apartment on move-in day there were about 400 dead ants in my bathroom (should have known then). I talked to management and they gave me an ant trap for the bathroom and said they would spray "again". After placing the ant trap in the bathroom, about 1000 live ants showed up to eat. After caulking the bathroom myself and getting rid of the ants...the earwigs came. Anyone who does not know what an earwig is look it up on the internet, they are horrible!!! I had them in my bedroom, in my bed (woke up twice with them crawling on my face). Another time I packed to go away on business and when I got there and was going through my suitcase, there were 2 live earwigs that had come in my clothes. Maybe a second floor apartment would be better. At the end of every season my Air Conditioner broke, but they were failry prompt in getting this fixed.<br>This is generally a low income apartment complex and attracted some questionable characters, as I could not walk to my car w/o the 18 year-olds upstairs hooting and hollering at me. And the kids across the hall were constantly smoking pot, blaring music and passing out w/ their door wide open.<br>One other problem is the main drive through the complex is atrocious and you cannot drive to your apartment no matter where it is, faster than 2 MPH or you will wreck your car. They are fixing the drive this week, I believe, so this should not be a problem anymore, but it was for the 2 years that I lived there...go figure.<br>On a better note, I have heard that some buildings there are really good w/ no problems and others, like mine, are problem buildings. (tons of stray cats everywhere too, I even took one in).<br>One good thing was the pool, it was nice, although very crowded with lots of kids all the time.<br>As I have been looking for a new apartment in a new area, I think these reviews are so helpful, and wanted to be truthful. I almost moved into a really high crime complex until I found this website. Good luck and do your homework.<br>
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Windsor Place Apartments

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