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Lake Village of Fairlane



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
My lease is up this month (sept) and im running far away. I have the one bed room with the loft. I love this floor plan, but i have to move. I have completely given up on this place, and I am seriously considering alerting the health Department. When i first moved in, i noticed Flies. I did not think much of it, Because when your moving, you keep the door open, because of all of the trafic going in and out of the apartment. But a month after i moved in, i still noticed the flies. I called The office and told them of my problem, They said since its not an emergency, they would have to schedule someone to look at the apartment. Needless to say, they never came. But by then it was the end of October, and the flies disapeared. I went threw the winter months fine, even some of the spring. But once April and May hit, all hell broke loose in my apartment. The flies came back, and they were back in full force. I would sometimes kill 10 flies a day. I did take pictures, with my digital camra, so that it could document the date. I dont know about you, but i think Flies are the most discusting insects, did you know that flies vomit on just about everthing they land on. This concerns me, because i have a pet, and his food stays out in his cage, I dont want flys landing on it, contaminating it, and making him sick. So i gave the office a call, and they sent someone out, and this was in july. Well they never stopped, and here we are in the middle of september and im still killing flys. I would have resigned my lease had they fixed the problem. But my rent is 1045.00 and im not paying that amount of money to live in a fly infested apartment. I have given up on the leasing office. I dont even call them anymore. I feel that since i have complained about it, they should do something to fix the problem. Im not sure if the rest of the apartment complex is having this problem, I know of another neighbor who told me she has seen flies in her apartment, but she didnt think much of it. I think its at its worst in my aprtmnt. So if you going to move to Lake Village of Fairlane, Steer clear of buildign 107 aprtment 305. This apartment was infested when i first moved, and it still is to this date. I live on a third floor apaartment, my DTE Bill has been running me a little over 200 bucks a month. I live towards the back of the complex, NOISEY. I94 runs directly behind the complex. I did not realize how noisey a free way can be.
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Lake Village of Fairlane

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