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Art Center Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/12/2013
I am a current resident at this property and im look right now to move these places have really went down from no lighting and its very dark outside when I told management I was told they are working on it but I have never saw anyone out trying to get the lights back on and it has been now 2 months and they just fuxed the lights but not all of them so this makes it feel not safe to walk out at do to how dark it is and not to mention there has been at least 6 people that have came and gone for the office management and now we have one that worry so much about little stuff like kids playing outside,parking,and if you have visitors over and can't park in the parking lot etc.... instead of worrying about the safety of the residents and making sure we have lights outside it is trouble and has completely went down and the young lady who is the office manager always have an attitude when you call her ir go into the office ti speak with her anot not professional at all so if your looking for a place that you can really call home this is not the place it use to be and use to have someone who worked in the office and cared about your well being and listen to what you had to say whether you are old or young now see only listen to elder residents whom seem to don't want kids out playing and want them to keep quite and yes they do have a time frame for when the kids can be outside playing and making noise so this is why im moving and it has been so many people come and go do to they don't want to deal with the this they do around here so this is not a family type of place to live if you are elderly than they will favor you but for the middle age people with kids not at all!!!!!!
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Art Center Townhomes

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