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Belcrest Apartments



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Office Staff
Almichaels • Resident 2003 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2006
I have read teh last few posts and I am amazed at the amount of inaccurate information! First of all, these 'supplemental heat units' are 100% better than the old system. I CAN ACTUALLY CONTROL THE HEAT IN MY APARTMENT! Those old units were like 25 years old and didnt work well at all! I AM WARMER THIS YEAR THAN i WAS LAST YEAR! My first bill was rather shocking but after reading one of the news letters, I sent Mike an email asking to have my windows checked out. He sent a crew up and insulated my windows. HUGE difference! Next, I asked him about the 'supplemental' statement in the book. He gave me a letter from the manufacturer that stated in very clear terms that these units are designed t be primary heat sources for apartments, hotels, etc. It has been stated that these apartments are 'pricey'. Well, You should look around the area. My 1 bedroom is BIGGER than most 2 bedrooms in the WSU area. I know, I have looked at enough of them. Rent going up?? No way. You must not have gotten the notice for the rent freeze for the NEXT TWO YEARS that went out a few weeks ago. The lease says that heat is included in the rent? I have seen this stated before (in a nice email from 'john doe') So I read all of my leases (I just signed my 4th one) and I do not see that stated ANYWHERE. Door buzzer? pleassseee!! Be thankful that we have a secure entrance and video cameras! I would rather have him concentrating on big things like windows and heaters than getting a buzzer hooked up! (For the record, I can't use the buzzer system. I don't have a 313 phone number) I have been here for 3 different owners and I am amazed at all the improvements made in the last 8 months. You couldn't find Mike to get a new door card? Why didnt you ask him to slide it under your door? I recently needed a new parking pass, so I asked him to slide it under my door. Guess what? It was there when I got home from work. I have seen Mike and company working on weekends, holidays, and late at night. This is a great building that is getting better. A lot of things getting done. So what is the problem?
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Belcrest Apartments

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