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City Place Detroit



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2007
I lived there for a year and everything but the location was terrible. No matter what I did, the roaches kept coming in mass numbers and management claimed that they had to change exterminators every month or so. Each change meant a lapse in coverage of at least a month. <br><br>The staff at the desk seem to be pathalogical liars on top of it. One day my apartment was supposed to get "extra attention" from the exterminator. I had a feeling they were lying to me so I stayed home from work that day and never left the apartment. When I went downstairs at the end of the day to confront management about it, they told me that the exterminator did go to my apartment. Impossible! <br><br>In winter, there was a huge ice dam that scraped the bottom of people's cars and was sometimes unpassable. The sidewalks are not shoveled or salted and with the high winds in the area, I was blown backwards on the ice numerous times. When spring came, the lake was too deep for cars to pass without stalling. Throughout the summer, every time it rained the lake returned and residents were forced to park on the street. Then fall came and clogged the drains even more and the flodding ensued. When things began to freeze it started all over again.<br><br>If you manage to get into the parking lot beware of broken glass and crazy drivers. I never parked in the middle because inevitably cars there would be hit by other cars or broken into. Those that parked safely were crooked and took up several parking spaces each.<br><br>When coming home late, there is no security to ensure your walk from your car is safe. For the first couple months, they had security there the entire time the office was closed but then decided that late night security was unnecessary and left the front door unmanned. On numerous occasions, I came home from work at 5am to find strangers by the front door trying to enter the building.<br><br>The air didn't work in summer and the heat barely worked in winter; I had to use the oven to keep warm. <br><br>Now I'm filing a lawsuit against them because they're lying to me about returning my security deposit. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER WINDSOR TOWER AS A PLACE TO LIVE!!!
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City Place Detroit

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