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Freedom Place



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tabycat98 • Resident 1998 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2011
Now I can say after living in these apartment for 29 years, the theft rate as far as cars is very, very, very, low. The noise on the other hand is very loud and unaccceptable during the summer months. Trash everywhere, broken liquor bottles, music being played all night until like 4 in the morning. Too make so bad, these aren't the residents causing all this mayham, its outsiders.Police gets called constantly, residents make reports to management and nothing is being done about this situation. After 29 years this will be the first rennovations done. Before the occcurrence of these rennovations,the overall appearance of the entire community community (upkeep and landscaping) were going down to shreds. Maintenance almost never came out to the townhouses to fix anything. Residents had broken cabinets, tile damage to all floors, old refregerators and stoves, carpet older than 10 years and hanging lights in the kitchen. I am very excited about the new renovations, although its not going to mean much if us residents aren't protected the outsiders that constantly and conveniently can come in and out as much as they please. I think, that Freedom Place needs to have a gate at every entrance with a security guard present. Guest must sign in and get buzzed in. If ur not a resident and you're just walking thru,those people should receive a ticket for trespassing. Im not quite sure about the pet policy, but to my knowledge, dogs were not allowed. Every other resident now have dogs (little and big). They walk their dogs through the complex and allow them to poop on the grass. I dont want my child to be outside playing and then he falls in some dog mess!!!!! Now that rennovations are finally being done I would recommend these apartments to someone, but before, NEVER!!! So hopefully not only rennovations are being done, but the upkeep as well. New management needs to be established, and there needs to be some way to keep the outsiders out that cause trouble.
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Freedom Place

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