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1301 Orleans, Detroit, MI 48207
1301 Orleans, Detroit, MI 48207

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Lafayette Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2015
If you are looking at this building keep looking. The office manager is the owner's niece so she has no concern for doing her job well or respecting the residents. The people in the office are really rude. I have lived here for 4 years and the people who were working here before were really nice and seemed to care about doing their job well. They claim to have spent $500,000 updating the boiler system, but there is not heat in the apartments. There is heat in the hallways and the model apartment but not in the rest of the building. This winter has been extremely cold and there have been too many nights that I have had ice on the inside of my windows. The pool is nice but it was not open at all last year and they have not said anything about it being open this year. They talk a lot about new renovations but the simplest ones are ignored like the workout room. The equipment looks like it is from 1982 and it is either broken or makes a lot of noise when you use it. No building is perfect, but a lot of things could be excused if you are being provided good customer service. If you still want to tour this building and you should because firsthand experience is the best, ask them how often will the city of Detroit and HUD do random inspections of the apartments. They will try to make it seem like it is not a big issue but if you do not like the idea of some stranger walking through your home while you are not there It is a big issue. This is a great place if you are a sports fan and need someplace to stay in the weekends or whenever the Wings or Tigers because you are close to a lot. (Get a player's card at greektown casino and you can park in their structure for free). If you are looking for someplace to live, then you should look someplace else. The price may be right but everything else is wrong!
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Lafayette Towers

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