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Lafayette Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2015
These apartments would be a lot better off without the management that they have in place. -----------, the office manager is inept, has no diplomacy and is quite tactless, she actually threatened a resident with violence recently (like very recently). --- and one other lady are the only ones that have good sense and are polite. They have towed cars for no reason at all, lost my rent check, got into verbal disputes with residents and now have came up with the bright idea of renovating apartments and making long time tenants move into non renovated apartments at their own expense, at any time in the lease, and then if you want to go to your old apartment, you must pay an inflated market price. Isn't gentrification wonderful? If that's not enough of a warning to stay away, then how about they are offering rental credits for positive reviews online? How bad is this place that you have to bribe? Yelp had the good sense to screen all the fake reviews after someone posted proof of it (go have a look for yourself). Guest parking is ALWAYS full after 10 pm or so, there is not enough parking for two big towers in the first place for guests. Resident parking? If you work past 11 pm then you may as well park on the street and pray no one breaks into your car (which happens, OFTEN) the lines are not painted so there is no space to maneuver in the back rows, when you can park. Resident parking is always full that late at night, and if you park in the visitor lot, they tow you. All in all I love my view and my place but dealing with management is terrible. Literally a headache. And after seeing that altercation between a young lady and the manager I had to write this review, I walked out after her and it turned out we had many of the same experiences. There was also recently a town hall style meeting for the residents, mainly to ask about the renovations and her attitude was TERRIBLE. Many complained about her and it seems as if no one from Fourmidable cares or knows that she is probably costing them a lot of money. But oh well. Wouldn't recommend until they are finished with renovations and the current manager is no longer in place.
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Lafayette Towers

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