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Lafayette Towers



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MattieMattie • Resident 1994 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2015
I have raised 2 children at Lafayette Towers, one of whom has his own apartment here now. Over the years I've seen a lot of changes but none like what's happened over the last couple or so. I personally believe that there may be a personal issue against the people who manage the property right now. I mind my own business but it seems that they cant catch a break. I've seen article after article about how bad the management is but I don't think its true, and I don't think some of the negative reviews are solely based on management...........but you will have to read between the lines or maybe visit the property and speak with management to figure out exactly what I am implying. I love my home and plan to remain in the city of Detroit until the Lord calls me home. Anyone who's lived here longer than 5 minutes can tell you the difference first hand about the amount of care that's being taken now to enhance our homes. I've never seen anyone spend the amount of money that's obviously being spent now by the looks of things but the man cant catch a break. My experience with the office people is this: the front office people are nice although there have been several changes in staff, the manager seems very about-her-business and that's exactly what our community needed and maintenance is doing a better job. I really like how tight security is now and that WAS NOT the case with prior management. Leave these people alone. My recommendation, don't take anyone's word for it........not even mine if you don't believe me. Come and visit the community. The pool deck is beautiful and so are many of the people who live here and believe in the changes that are happening in the city. I would recommend Lafayette to anyone looking for a good home. Thank you for reading this.
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Lafayette Towers

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