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Lafayette Towers



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Office Staff
MsDiva123 • Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2018
The office staff is very rude and nasty. They shut the water off for maintenance every week and the water from the faucets is a yellow/brownish color. The washing machines and dryers are always out of order and the machines take your money and you are out $5 before you find a working machine. The air conditioners go out all the time and it takes days for repair which can make it frustrating with the extreme hot summer weather. People smoke weed in their apartment and the smell comes through the walls and you can smell it all down the hallways. I have reported the issue several times, and the office staff does nothing about it. Cars have been stollen, broken into and left on bricks several times and the security doesn't do anything. I never felt safe, and all these things happened within 1 year of staying there. Someone side swiped my vehicle and I was in the parking lot that I pay $50/month to park in and it was horrible damage to my car. The security guard said they saw the vehicle hit my car on the camera but could not tell me what car did it. I filed a police report and when the officer went to the office to follow up, he stated that the office staff told them that they did not have any video of my car being hit. I was furious because I had to pay for the damages. My car doors have been dinged many times and my husbands front bumper was mashed in one morning from someone backing in or running into his car. Again the office staff did nothing. Do not live in this expensive piece of ---- apartment. They also have mice and bed bug infestations. PLEASE AVOID LIVING HERE!!!
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Lafayette Towers

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 04/30/2018) Image of Lafayette Towers in Detroit, MI
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