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1247 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226
1247 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226

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Lofts at Merchants Row



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/06/2011
We rented a one bedroom, at a reasonable price. Once the lease was up, we decided to renew and they raised the price by $200. A little expensive the the place but we did it anyway. Lease come up again and they raised the price again by $200. No improvements to anything in the building to justify the high rate increases. Management said it's because of supply and demand. Becoming too expensive now so we decided to go month to month until we find a new place. To go month to month, they are charging 150% of rent, plus now they add parking and water. Although when we signed the original lease, they explained that the 150% would only be applied if we did not communicate about what our plans were going to be; called a hold over. So they raise the rent by 20% each time you sign a new lease or 150% if you go month to month. No matter what, they are going to make you pay for parking and water at the new lease. Really unethical for Lofts of Merchants Row to tell you one thing in order to get you to sign that first lease and then do something else when it comes time to renew. We are just going to get the **** out of Detroit and Michigan. Too many bad people here. Other complaints about this property: Washer/Dryer combos, takes on average 3 hours to dry clothes, or it burns them. The Euro style just doesn't work. Laundry facilities in basement: only 4 washer and 4 dryers for ~80 apartments, and 3 dryers do not work well. Takes about 2 - 3 cycles before those are finished. Plus the facilities are usually full. Workout facilities are not state of the art. It is a small room and very busy in the evenings. Works well at 5:30 in the morning or during work hours though. But otherwise, its hard for two people to workout together. Staff is helpful when trying to get you to sign that first lease but don't care after they get your money. Many of them just are not friendly at all. Many times, the back door is left open so security is compromised. No onsite security so if something happens you still have to wait for the police, which took 1hr 20m for them to get there. The call button person doesn't always pick up after hours. The parking garage sometimes takes ten minutes before they pick up. Sometimes takes a very long time to wait on the elevator because of so many people with so little elevator. Plus the freight elevator brakes down a lot. Windows in the apartments are very old and they are not energy efficient at all. Your heating/cooling bills tend to be a little higher unless you suffer though the weather. Our bedroom did not have any lights unless you bring your own floor lamp and there were no windows in there. All the heat seems to be concentrated in the bedroom as well. Good things: Good appliances, clean building for the most part.
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Lofts at Merchants Row

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