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Lofts at Merchants Row



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 03/28/2008
Pros: Really nice apartments. Loft style, high ceilings and fairly large rooms. The kitchens are great with granite countertops and stainless steel refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. The bathrooms are a good size, with glass shower doors, granite countertop, ceramic tile floor and bath surround, cabinets/drawers and large mirror with vanity bulbs. I have never had problems with the staff or maintenance. They are always responsive, prompt and personable and even will take care of things that are not their responsibility. I've never had problems with valet. I just call them several minutes before I need my car and 95% of the time it's there when I get there. They have even offered me to carry things to my apartment. It's a great location, especially if you hang out downtown for sports, bar/clubs, or restaurants. We have a great social program on 1st Fridays where we go to a local bar and they offer a discount on food and drinks (we had free food once). The valet shuttle also takes you and drops you off. Cons: I live in the 1400 block, which is not adjacent to the parking garage. So, I have to walk 1/2 a city block to get to my car. I don't always feel safe and grocery shopping or just carrying things to/from your car is a hassle. You absolutely have to buy a cart, but sometimes even that isn't enough. Also, not every building owner shovels/salts their sidewalk so in the winter you may have to walk through snow and ice. Also, a streetperson moves into one of the doorways every now and then. I haven't bothered them and they haven't bothered me. (1200 building is a lot more convenient, you don't even have to go outside to get to your car). I don't know if it's building construction, the old floors and walls that they kept for character, or what, but external sounds really carry. My bedroom is off the public hallway and if someone is talking anywhere in the hallway, I hear them clearly. If someone is walking down the hall, I hear them. There is a large dog on my floor whose owners let him off leash sometimes. It sounds like there's a horserace going on out there. I also hear my next door neighbor quite well (talking and everything) and the person above me. I would definitely go for an end unit. Your guests have to "call" security to get in the building and they in turn call you for permission to let the person in. Sometimes this can take several minutes (not cool to leave your girlfriends standing outside in the dar), so I usually just go downstairs and let me guests in myself. Closet space isn't that great (for my particular unit layout) Neutral: There is an in-unit washer/dryer combo that is pretty much useless. However, there is free washer/dryers in the basement. Pretty lenient pet policy. If you have pets, you'll like it; if you don't, you may get annoyed with barking and pet poop in the back alley. The rent is pretty expensive, but it's a nice place. But the rent is expensive...
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Lofts at Merchants Row

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