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Phillips Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/20/2014
Phillips Manor certainly seems like an ideal living situation. Unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite. But why, you might ask? And, dear review reader, I am happy to tell you. Though the garden and building are beautiful, the whole affair is overseen by a neurotic and agoraphobic building manager who is suffering acutely from an inflated inferiority complex (no doubt exacerbated by her job title) that has led to delusional and exceptional micromanagement. Hostility and vindictive actions are a given. Should you violate any of her unspoken rules (not dictated in the legally binding document which associate you with her, I might add), her actions to follow are malicious and subversive to be sure. I will not go into further detail for the sake of anonymity (yes, that is necessitated by her absurdity I assure you), but unless you are a dedicated hermit who has no aspirations to stray from such a lifestyle I urge you to avoid entering into any tenancy in this building. I am shocked and appalled by how far this woman will go, and I hope in some respect I have scared some prospective tenants away. Trust me, it is a public service. No one should have to deal with the continued harassment and invasive policies of this building. For the record, and I hope to God someone above her is reading this, entering a unit without permission is illegal in the state of Michigan. Running a "tight ship" is one thing. Running a tight ship when you're captain ahab is quite another.
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Phillips Manor Apartments

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