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Phillips Manor Apartments



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YouLoveFuture • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/05/2006
Let me save you some time, do not live here. If you are at all still considering it, let me continue. Parking is terrible, there is a dirt lot next to the building and some street parking, but its mostly taken by people from the Magic Stick and DMC. The dirt lot has massive holes that fill with water, and in the winter turn to ice...good luck getting out. Also, enjoy the frequent smash and grabs that occur at night. There is an option to park in the back lot (for an extra $50 a month) however the back lot is nothing more than a small area with some gravel in it with no security and telephone wires going across the top (use your imagination...think bird poop....it's like parking in an aviary). No air, outdated electric and plumbing. I had to buy little converter things so I could actually plug in anything that was three prong. Whoever painted it was an idiot...not only did they paint over ALL the woodwork, they painted on the windows and cabinets in a latex based paint, so I have to physically break the seal thats formed everytime i want to open a drawer or window....not that I would open a window since they either do not have screens or have to be propped open with a sick so they dont slam shut. The guy also actually painted over the radiators so they became completely unusable, when they did work, it smelled like burning hair. The fridge I'm pretty sure was built during the cold war and either doesn't keep food cold or frosts over so badly that you can't keep anything in the freezer (trust me, I've tried every setting). You hear everything above and below you. At one point chunks of my ceiling actuall fell onto my TV. Ok, all of that aside, the building manager is a total whack job. When shes not spending her time behind a bottle of vodka (raging alcoholic) shes doing everything in her power to make you hate her. She spends her nights peering into the courtyard to spot groups of more than 2 people. I had two people over once, my girlfriend and cousin, we had just gotten back from dinner (not there more than 5 minutes) and she came running up and told me that they had to leave or I would be evicted. She is completly unwilling to work with you on any problem and would much rather threaten you with eviction than so much as look at you. Which is why I am not surprised that they cannot keep tennants. Now to be fair, my place is worse than most for some reason. I have several friends in the building and they don't seem to have the plethora of problems that I have had (although they still have lots of problems). Now for the positives....there is a gas burning fire place. I am moving out before my lease is even up...thats right, I would rather pay rent on two places for a month or two than actually have to stay here another minute.
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Phillips Manor Apartments

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