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Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
The last 3 reviews below all written on 1/17 are by the Property Mgmt. Not only do they think tenants are stupid enough to believe the BS they spew, they also think readers are stupid enough to believe fake reviews. Give it up! They are MUCH, MUCH worse than the previous management. <br><br>Security...All the new "security" has done was lowered the class of the place. You walk in and Security is either sleep at the front desk, eating ------- meals at the front desk or congregating discussing all types of BS. The security are really what makes it worse. This one guard spends his time hitting on the tenants instead of being engaged in SECURITY. Another guard was holding the door open running his mouth and let me in with no questions. Oh, and here's one for you - all those new security cameras? At least half of are not even working! So when you get mugged coming in, don't expect the camera to help. They claim they are taking away amenities in order to provide better security but all they are doing is putting a bunch of monkeys in suits.<br><br>Other than that, my other complaints are that the elevators are always breaking and you have to carry your bags of groceries and anything else heavy up flights of stairs - they won't even let you use the freight elevators for heavy loads. I guess that helps make up for the fact that they no longer provide fitness center amenities. The grounds are nice, but not as well kept as they used to be. The housekeeping staff clean less often than they used to. Basically, the new management is lessening services and removing amenities. The maintenance staff is a joke. I seriously doubt that they have prior maintenance experience.<br><br>Not really any outstanding good points to offer up to anyone considering this place. The apartments are nice IF maintained. There are sufficient laundry rooms. There is only one elevator in the 500 building for about 200 apartments - you do the math. There is plenty of garage parking but the garage security are idiots and very unprofessional. Period. The garage is well lit but not secure. Anyone can walk in and go anywhere. There are limited cameras - one per floor in the garage.<br><br>Moving in/out is an ordeal to say the least. Be prepared to pay your movers overtime.<br><br>The utilities are outrageous and no, there is nothing you can do about. Be prepared to spend about 15-20 cents per square foot every month on energy costs no matter what season, how often or much you use your utilities. The utilities are based on a shared system so your bill depends on not only how much/little you use energy, but also how much/little everyone else in the community and management uses energy.<br><br>I'll update as I think of other things worth mentioning.
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