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retyup • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
I would like to give a true review..There is a lady in the office by the name of Mary, she is very polite and a sweet older woman, i can tell she doesnt agree with all the B.S. and overcharges, but she just works there, i give her a personal thanks for her kindness, it makes this nightmare a little less painful.As far as their new management? A true dissapointment is all i can say. My rent is suppose to be 650.00 a month, when they finished all their hidden and extra costs ...Utility commission , trash water, etc. etc, it topped well beyond that , need i say more? But i will, our building air conditioning went totally our for approx. ten days, do you think this management had the courtesy to deduct 200 or 100 or anything off our rent, no just a apology letter and a swift kick, but yet they were looking for there rent and overcharges!!! ...And Security? Dont let me start, Not in this century !!! The Gararge and ground security (Nationwide) are just for show! there has been over 20 auto break ins in my building alone, and most are in Broad daylight! I cant believe they still contract these guys, they are plain sorry!They'd rather tow & give parking tickets to paying tenats than protect property. The building security is fair, i have no complaints, its a big step up. On a positive note, the grounds and area looks beautiful!!!
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