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Riverfront Towers



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detroitshortee • Resident 1995 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
I lived in the Riverfront years ago and I have been back to visit on numerous occassions over the past 5 years. It is NOT the place that was once tagged " Detroit's Hottest Address". When I moved in they required an insane security deposit, a criminal background check, notarized bank statements , verification letters from employers and then a " review" by management ( who at the time were not nearly as bad as the current ). My experience at The Riverfront for the 1st 4 years was exceptional..other than the " additional fees " for the amenities. It was a family atmosphere, everyone knew eachother ,we had huge outdoor parties put on by the cafe,the grounds were immaculate, we had a residents appreciation day where management gave us little gifts ( usually coffee mugs & food). When you told someone you lived in The Riverfront they were impressed to say the least. After the management change, and policy changes, the place REALLY started going downhill, when I moved in my neighbors were prominent members of the community, when I left , my neighbors were raising Pitbulls in their apartment and the couple down the hall would have domestic disputes by the elevators every night. Cars were starting to get stolen, security was pathetic, I have pictures of security guards sleeping in the patrol car in the parking garage on duty. The only requirement to move in was "be able to pay the rent". I went from saying I lived in the Riverfront to just " I live downtown" . During my visits over the years it has gotten even worse. The Cafe ( which I hear is no longer ) was the 1st change I noticed. It was downright ------..the place was filthy. When I lived there, the Cafe was the residents hang out and a great time any night of the week. The elevators did break on occassion, certain local " celebrities" would park their Bentley's on the sidewalk in front of the doors and were immune to management, I never saw a rat, I did see a body getting fished out of the Marina though, but it was the best place to live downtown..everyone who was anyone in Detroit had a place there..until 2000. Now, I would not recommend this place to anyone! It is sad to see such an amazing place ruined..if you rememebr the Riverfront in it's prime and plan to move there based on that ..DON'T ..it is NOT the same place it was.
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Riverfront Towers

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