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Walkabout Creek Apartments



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Dextergal15 • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2014
This apartment is truly a dump. The cupboards and drawers have extra pieces of wood drilled in instead of replacing the 15 year old deteriorating interior. The apartment was dirty when we first moved in as well as the garage. The garage had the previous renters garbage in it. Our outside lighting does not work and they will not fix it. It has been dark outside our apartments for over four months. Maintenance and management promised things such as a new working shower handle but did not provide. The shower handle has been replaced 3 times and they refused to fix a leak in the kitchen even though I had a video of it leaking. You can hear the neighbors even though these are town homes. Our mailbox is so rusted out that I'm afraid it will topple over when I put my key in it. There is dog poop all over and no visitor parking. They would not plow the complex until after 5 pm this winter and refused to plow our parking spots! I had to purchase a shovel so I could get out of my vehicle. My next door neighbors broke their lease months early because they couldn't stand it anymore- this place overcharges for nothing! The only positive is that it is not an apartment so it's a little more private. The playgrounds are very small, but nice when not littered with poop. The heat is super expensive for this apartment. The top floor is blazing hot and the bottom freezing as our heater is on the top floor. Everyone in this complex has dogs so it does get noisy.
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Walkabout Creek Apartments

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