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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 08/03/2015
If you're a student, you probably aren't going to find a place with a more competitive price/ better location than Cedarview or the other properties that Prime Housing owns right on Grand River. If you're not a student or can afford a nicer, newer apt closer to campus, I would highly recommend not living here though. Being right by grand river is not a pleasant experience. Traffic is awful, drunk people walk past your window nearly every night, and it's generally very, very loud. I had to purchase a very loud fan to drown out the noise in order to sleep well. I still wake up to motorcycles driving by though! The parking here is also fairly awful, the small parking lot right on the corner of Hagadorn is slanted so that you can't get out of it in the winter and lots of accidents happen. I've replaced 2 tail lights since moving here! Getting out of the lot since its right next to a busy intersection is nearly impossible as well. Eventually, I did begin to park in the larger parking lot farther from my apartment, but even this had some major flaws. The biggest being that it is right next to a swampy area and their are always TONS of Mosquitos and other gross bugs!!! However, I've never experienced any problems having friends over for a few days and parking in the lots, so that's a huge plus! As far as the apartment's quality- abysmal. Cracks in the walls and carpet that really should have been ripped up and burned twenty years ago. I frequently hear my upstairs neighbors' phones buzzing and creaks as they move about their apartment- the walls are thin! Smoking is allowed in the complex as well, and you can smell it any time someone smokes outside of my first floor window or anywhere else on my floor- even through the closed doors of other people's apartments. Another major issue is security. The windows are not new and do not lock, the door to my apartment gaps from the door frame so that you can see in, and there are no locks on the entryway doors. Homeless people often sit in the hallways in the winter and wander the grounds all year long. I've never had a problem with them, and tended to take mercy on them during long michigan winters... Still something to consider. I was always much more worried about the drunk students walking past! Why move here then? Purely for location. Walking to class and to bars/ restaurants on campus is so nice! These are about a good 20 minute walk to Hopcat but are just a few minutes from Los Tres and Little Ceasars! As a student with unreliable transportation, and the tendency to oversleep, living close to class was my saving grace! This is also a fairly quiet place to live (as far as the residents go- Grand River not so much) which is hard to find in student housing. Despite all of my negative comments, this is a much better option than DTN places like Chandlers (I lived there before moving here, trust me). Be weary, possibly get renters insurance, a good lockbox for your valuables, and a few nice area rugs. Basically, Don't live here if you're not an undergrad, it's disgusting.
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