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The Rocks Apartments

16970 Chandler Rd

East Lansing, MI 48823

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Antreona_M • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/10/2018
The utter disgust that I and my roommates have been subject to live in is completely inhuman and pathetic. The community staff's lack of care and decency for their residents is beyond concerning and disheartening. The contradictory, unprofessionalism, and laziness from the staff are unacceptable. The customer service to their residents is poor, no wonder that the reviews for The Rock apartments in East Lansing, MI are horrendous. The check and balance system clearly is not being forced by Greystar to their East Lansing staff. Since the rock apartments are the only complex in East Lansing that is managed by Greystar I am completely confused and puzzled as to why the conditions that are advertised and promoted as "luxury" are beyond filthy. I and my roommates were told several times by the managers G and Samantha, that our common areas would be cleaned "hopefully soon" since our move-in date on August 1st. It has almost been two weeks and I and my roommates continue to be put on the back burner. Not being able to use our refrigerator, stove, and microwave, my roommates and I have been starving even though we have paid $529 in rent and an additional $175 move-in fee. This is due to us being unable to use our kitchen and living room (common area). While we did sign in As-IS agreement form that stated that our bedroom space will not be cleaned the managers said that they would still be cleaning the common areas. The fact that the management would allow their residents to sign an As-Is agreement not even have the care and decency to not clean the apartment shows that Greystar management is by far the worst management throughout East Lansing. I myself moved from Cabrio properties and I wish I would have re-signed my lease at The Cottages. For their service was always great and meet the basic needs of cleanliness. I too had signed an As-Is agreement at The Cottages and apartment was redone and everything was replaced: the walls were painted, the carpet was fully replaced throughout the apartment, and it was clean. All of our maintenance issues were always taking care of either that day or the next and the respect that the managers had for their residents was admirable. I wish I could say the same for Greystar. Unfortunately, though maintenance issues have been put in and have not been taken care of at 5203, and a simple cleaning of our kitchen has not been done in this service in this management is poor and no one should ever live in these conditions. I highly recommend their management and housing. They promote luxury apartments and I too co-sign that not only are the units luxury but the service is as well.
The Rocks Apartments Manager08/15/2018

Hi Antreona Meridith, we regret to hear that your experience with us was not a more positive one. We appreciate you answering our call and discussing this further over the phone. All of our residents moved out on July 31, 2018 and the move in date is August 16, 2018 which means we have 15 days to get all the units ready for the massive move in day. When you sign As-Is addendum, depending on the previous residents, the apartment condition can vary therefore there is some risk involved in your choice to take the apartment As-Is. We are glad to have all your concerns addressed and resolved. We appreciate you as our residents and thank you!

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The Rocks Apartments

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