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Bella_A104 • Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2019
This place is an absolute ---- hole. NEVER choose to live here. First off on move-in day the place was disgusting. Mold along my bathroom trim. Something coated in my shower that I still can't off. Floors were dirty and black. Fridge doesn't have shelves and two weeks later still don't have any. Our ice maker doesn't work and still doesn't work because the maintenance here sucks. Was going to the bathroom and water started pouring out of the ceiling onto me because the toilet above me flooded and was dripping into my bathroom. Had people come "fix" it so they cut a huge hole in my ceiling and put a huge LOUD machine in my bathroom to dry it out and couldn't sleep for three nights straight because it was SO loud. Then had to deal with guys coming in and out of my apartment MULTIPLE times with their dirty shoes since they don't have any respect for our place. Had to smell paint for the rest of the day and clean my bathroom AGAIN and my entry way. My bed doesn't even fit my frame so I'm constantly running into the corners. Our chair in our living room is covered in cigaret burns. Also the pool here is gross and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. Trash laying all around the pool where I would like to relax and enjoy since i"m paying to live here. AND this place has ZERO lights in the bedrooms and living rooms so you have to bring your own source of light to see in your room. Last but not least, the worse of it all. BED BUGS. My roommate woke up covered in bites so we checked her bed and it was covered in bed bugs. We called right away and they said they couldn't do anything till the next day. NOT OKAY! Where was she suppose to sleep and bed bugs spread like crazy. None of us want to be in here with bed bugs. Called the next morning and got no response. Went to the office and they said their pest control wasn't answering so we called our own. Now my roommates and I are in absolute disgust washing all of our clothes, vacuuming our rooms, having to go out and buy new bedding, putting all of our clothes into garbage bags, and had to hire our own pest control since they can't do it themselves. ALSO we all have to leave our apartment for 3-4 hours tomorrow since they're having to spray our rooms for bed bugs. We have to take EVERYTHING out of our rooms and put it on our balcony and kitchen. THIS PLACE SUCKS!
Village at Chandler Crossings Manager09/12/2019

Bella_a104, thanks for taking the time to write this review. We are so sorry that your experience at The Village At Chandler Crossing has not been a positive one and want to work with you to address your concerns. If you are willing to meet with us in person or over the phone, we are confident we can work through a lot of these issues together. We sincerely want you to have the best experience possible and we'll do what we can to help. We will be in touch soon to get the conversation started. Thanks! - Your The Village At Chandler Crossing Team, (517) 351-7667, [email protected]

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