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Ville Montee



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MSUCoolBreeze84 • Resident 2009 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2013
STAY AWAY FROM THIS RAT TRAP AT ALL COSTS!!!!! I have been a resident of Ville Montee for about 4yrs now. I moved here in 2009 and it was well kept, and the front office made sure that the property was a well oiled machine. Too bad --------- is no longer here because after she left everything went downhill. The most noticeable problem here is flooding. The parking lot floods often and the apartment complex has not done anything to fix this problem. The last time it flooded was 2011 and dozens of cars were ruined and the company offered NO money to repair the damages. Fast forward to August 28th, 2013. The parking lot has flooded yet AGAIN! As I write this it is almost 12 noon and the leasing office has not returned my call or inquiries about the flood and pending damage. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL! Lets not talk about the fires either. Earlier this year an entire apartment building caught on fire and a few units were ruined in the process. This fire took place around March or April. Not ONCE has the leasing office sent letters to the residents to let them know what caused the fire, how to avoid these incidents in the future, nor what to be cautious of. Fast forward to this summer and the exact same building caught on fire AGAIN. Still, not a word from the leasing office to inform the residents of what caused it. If you make it past these problems you will then have to deal with the maintenance. My roommate and I have placed work orders throughout the year some as far back as February of 2013. It is almost the end of August 2013 and not ONE work order has been fixed. I have even called to follow up with them and still, not one repair has been made. We have also had issues with the basement flooding and some of our belongings in storage have received water damage. Our furnace needed repair for quite some time and it took them a good five months to "get around" to fixing/replacing that. Oh yea the washer in our building always clogs up and the water will sit stagnant, moldy, and disgustingly rancid before they get around to "fixing" those as well. There has been broken glass in our parking lot for the past four plus months and the maintenance department/grounds crew will walk right past it and not bother to sweep it up. There is a reason why when you drive past here you dont see a lot of cars in the parking lot. With school starting back and students deciding to live here I honestly feel bad for them. This is by far bar none the absolute worst apartment complex I have ever lived in and I have lived all over the United States. I am not sure how much they are charging for rent but the last I hear it was close to $850 and this place is not worth it. The only upside is that the inside of the buildings actually look pretty nice. However with the horrible leasing office, maintenance staff, and problems with safety here it is not worth it at all. Not to mention in the past 4 years the complex has been owned and managed by no fewer than 3 companies. That should be warning enough to stay far away from here unless you have no problem wasting money on a deathtrap.
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Ville Montee

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