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Ville Montee



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2011
I stayed in this apartment for a half year and just moved out at the end of July. Today, I got a check of security deposit refund with $75 out of $199......I understand that I may need to pay for some minor damages....BUT I cannot accept other $100 charge for LATE NOTICE BECAUSE I TOLD THEM AT THE END OF JUNE!!!!!!!! Since July 4th was coming and they usually charge late fee (3 days are considered late), I brought my check to the office on either June 29th or 30th. I've never been charged for the late fee btw. I talked about the 30 day notice and made sure that I don't need to fill out some documents, and I went on trip from July 1st-4th. After I came back, I found a document attached to the door. THAT WAS THE MOVING NOTICE DOCUMENT WHICH I NEEDED TO FILL OUT. On july 5th, I brought the document to the office and I thought I don't need to pay anything since management is the one who told me NOT TO FILL OUT ANYTHING at the first place..... How come they can charge me for $100 with their fault?!!! I REALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO MOVE IN HERE. horrible management, crappy parking lot, dirty carpets and so on.... I was like really speechless right now.
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Ville Montee

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