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Ville Montee



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2012
We moved in back in August and have resigned through July 2013. My husband and I find that the apartmnent meets our needs. The office hours can be a little wonky (they change by seasons, have no weekend hours, go out on property midday) but the girl in the office is generally nice and has been helpful whenever we call or come in. They also will keep your packages for you, and make you sign for them (So no one can steal it). UPS or the post office don't always follow this, but at least it's available. When we moved in, our doorknob/lock was messed up--maintenance came and fixed it within a day after we put in the request. We did have a mouse in our apartmnet (cat killed it), and maintenence came in and sealed up the area where we thought it came in from. We were able to make an appointment for when maintenance came in, which was nice since we like to put the cats in the bedroom when they come. You can request pest control; they come every 2 weeks. Our building can be noisy, as we are right next to the office so we can hear people on the walkway, and our neighbors frequently forget their keys and start buzzing everyone in the building (or their drunk friends do it at 2am),and the guys who do snow removal come at 4am to shovel (one time they used a snowblower! AT FOUR AM?!)--but the management can't really do much about that. Our upstairs neighbors also smoke in their apartment so we can smell it in the building. They have put up notices about fining people and going "cat only" because of the dog feces problem. We have cats so it's not an issue. The pet policy is $15/month for cats, not sure for dogs. Parking hasn't been a problem for us--we don't use a carport, but we have never not been able to find parking, even when they were resurfacing the parking lot. The buildings are a little old, and the area over by the flagpoles can use some help, but generally it's okay and the insides are unique. Our neighbors throw trash down from their balcony, so we occasionally have junk around our apartment, which is annoying. A con though was we had to renew EARLY--before mid-December for our lease ending July 31st! And the new lease terms go only until July 21st, but the company is not prorating so we will still have to pay for the whole month of July. That is pretty sucky, we talked to the office about it and the staff agreed it wasn't cool but it was the management company's decision. Apparently all the other apartments around wanted renewals by October or something so that's why it's so early. Rent went up $50 a month too for our new lease terms. Also our mail situation--the mailboxes are fine, but there is no secure outbox--just a plastic bin,so anyone can take your mail out of there. We never have a problem doing laundry--I don't know if people our building don't do their laundry or what, but even with only 2 washers and 2 dryers we never have an issue. Overall it's a good place to live.
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Ville Montee

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