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Ville Montee



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/10/2012
I've lived here for about 2 years now, and the only reason I haven't already moved out is because I signed the contract. I hate this place and here is why. The managers are pretty much useless. First of all, their office hours change like every other month, and then they are hardly available when you need them. Maintenance is the worst. The management is consistently entering your home for one reason or another. And when it was 90 degrees outside and my ac stopped working, they suddenly didn't have the key to get into my apartment to fix it. I mean.. hello.. if you want to lie, don't be so obvious about it. Customer service does not mean anything in this complex. Just to note, my ac has broken down 11 times in just one summer. I have begged them to replace it but they keep insisting on replacing one part at a time. My rent was $520, and the next year, they increased it $670 saying it was "market price". Every time I try to complain, they keep bringing me back to how this that and the other thing is not part of the contract I signed. I'm a student at MSU, I don't have time for such bulls#!t. The washer and dryer, and the hallway lights are always not working. I am so sick of ville monte apartment, I would not recommend this place to anyone, even my worst enemy.
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Ville Montee

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