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Walden Woods



Former Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
I ... WISH I was joking about this nightmare DTN in general is a complete nightmare but I think people are afraid to speak up about this entire college town and the things that they let go on here. First let me start by saying I lived here with my boyfriend for 3 years.. The staff turnover alone is unlike Anything I have ever seen before.. I don't know how its possible to have THAT much turnover in an office! Its like no one lasted more than a month or two.. Thinking back there were SO MANNYY RED FLAGS & Im sure college kids don't know any better so it makes things even worse with the contracts and renters agreements YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO BE CAREFUL THESE PEOPLE WILL TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR AGE YOU ARE NAIVE & KNOW NOTHING & THEY KNOW THAT!! Secondly, they have themselves covered 100% They have an excuse for everything. The staff is trained well to apologize & (not know anything) NO ONE & let me tell you NO ONE communicates in these offices! You have to call multiple times & make sure you get names to hold people accountable since there is a new person working literally alllll the time you are always talking to someone new.. They say they will make a note in your account well you can call later on & talk to a new person & they don’t know ANYTHING about your call.. Everything looks amazing when you first sign on. Free coffee/snacks in the office, seems like there are events & things going on all the time.. free lounge room, tv, pool table, pool, sauna, workout access.. a community new friends maybe! it’s Not what it seems tho. Im going to skip over all of the tiny nuances to get to the bigger details because I only have so much room to write on this site. A Huge Slap in the face when the pandemic hit was no discounts were given for obviously all of those amenities being off limits. So now Im paying the same price & can’t access any of the stuff included in my contract - great - no discount. We literally were stuck paying 8 months AFTER WE MOVED Because we were locked in a contract & there wasn’t anything they could do. but that wasn’t the absolute worst thing that happened unfortunately. SAFETY - FIRST OFF DO NOT LIVE ALONE! Im sorry girls.. its true! You should NOT live alone. Also DO NOT leave your windows cracked overnight nope not even with something in the window to jam it- it can & will be moved easily.. DO NOT leave your doors unlocked.. Try not to be home Alone at the apartment ether. When I was made uncomfortable in the pool area & gym I was just told omg im so sorry if he bothers you again let us know - oh we will be sure to talk to him.. oh - no hun I mean we cant kick anyone out or ban anyone as long as they live here they are welcome to use the facility! They always have some dismissive things to say - they take NO responsibility for things. OK on to the rest of Safety - when we moved in we were told that this college town was an overall safe area - but crime happens ..we were told that the doors have buzzers on them, its safe. Well right away our cars were broken into SEVERAL TIMES & the office took ZERO responsibility for any of the car damages...my bf's brand new moped was stolen, other peoples cars were stolen..they had police in the parking lot EVERY week for one of the tenants fighting with their bf..there were SEVERAL TIMES I was being watched in the parking lot from That tenant. I always minded my own business but the people who lived in that apartment knew my car..my bf's car..knew what time we were home- & when we weren't..our doors buzzer would go off all hours of the night.. 9pm 11pm MIDNIGHT...The office staff nor the police could do Anything about the situation..I asked MANY MANY times about reinforcing the windows & getting additional door locks, maybe a camera for the parking lot. The police said its on the office staff-the police basically said there isn't anything they can Do talk to the office & the office said that there isn't anything they can do ether..If you see something..Call the Police..There were several times people were ether moving in or moving out & the doors would be left wide open or propped open. I called the office also Many times about this because if the big safety doors are (accidentally) left open by maintenance or tenants there is literally hardly anything stopping someone from breaking in..those door frames are SO THIN. I literally brought this up month after month-it was always someone new telling me the EXACT rehearsed thing...over & over.. well after months of me being watched coming & going one morning I DIDN'T have work..I actually had that day OFF so Literally 10 mins after I would have left SOMEONE CAME IN THROUGH OUR WINDOW!! Cut through the screen, reached in moved the bar. Its THAT EASY I then looked into how many girls are raped & places broken into ITS ALOT & these companies WONT INSTALL CAMERAS! Police are used to coming & taking the reports but then NOTHING ever comes of it.. HOW?! There is so so much more to this but ive hit the character limit!
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Walden Woods

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