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Creekside Apartments of Farmington Hills



Resident · 2011 - 2012
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
DO NOT RENT AT CREEKSIDE! Please be warned!! I apologize that this review is lengthy but please read to ensure you know what you are getting into if you rent here. Immediately after moving in we started having problems with our apartment. Every light fixture fell out of the ceiling, the railing on our balcony was loose, the dishwasher did not work and the clothes dryer did not work. It was quite an aggravation to make so many frequent calls to the office within the first month of moving in. We were notified that a part-time maintenance person had prepped our apartment. The full-time maintenance guy Zac is actually great. He repaired everything the same day as our request and they have been fine ever since. The maintenance has been great, with one exception: In the summer of 2011, our air conditioning didn't work. I made a call to the office and was informed it had been fixed - it still didn't work. I made another call to the office and was again informed it had been fixed - it still didn't work. This went on for the entire summer and our DTE bills were $250.00 per month for the entire summer for a unit that was running 24/7 but never cooling our apartment. Our temperature was often 90-100 degrees inside our apartment and we were completely at the mercy of Creekside. After many expensive electric bills and an uncomfortable living condition, we told the office we were calling our own heating and cooling company. At that point they told us they would replace the air conditioning unit. By that point, summer was over and we never ran the unit again. Jump to summer 2012, we supposedly have a new air conditioning unit. NOPE. The unit still ran 24/7 and did not cool our apartment. We called the office to report the continued issues. When we called back to verify it had been repaired the office told us that it was not broken and no repair had been done. Our apartment temperature was 95 degrees at that point. We had to be very assertive and told them they had to look at it again. After the second look the office verified that there had been a "bad part" and that the air conditioning was now repaired. The air conditioning does now work - FINALLY - after two hot summers where we couldn't even sleep in our own apartment and several $200 DTE bills. After this whole ordeal, Creekside sent us a letter that our lease was up and that our rent would be going up by $50 more than our original signing rate. We contacted the "Community Manager" Nancy. She told us that she did not work at Creekside during the summer of 2011 and could not do anything. She advised that she had "many" people waiting to move in and that we were free to leave if we had not been satisfied with Creekside. She is extremely rude and has ZERO customer service skills. Clearly she does not care about retaining customers. We sent a letter to the Regional Manager explaining everything we had been through with Creekside and requesting they keep our current rate until we find a house to move to. This request was denied. The letter stated that Creekeside remains "one of the finest in the area" - I beg to differ. When we went out of town for a week my car was keyed. The paint in the apartments is like white wash and gets marked up and destroyed any time something rubs against it. You cannot wash the wall or the paint comes off. All of the appliances are old. The utility bills are high, even when things are working correctly. The office manager is completely rude and unwilling to help. We cannot wait to get out of this place. We are currently looking for a house to purchase so that we will have control over our own property. If you have any problems, do not expect a response from Creekside office staff. They do not care about their tenants and you are at their mercy. Look for an apartment with a management team who cares about retaining their tenants - Creekside is not that place.
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Creekside Apartments of Farmington Hills

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